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As it is written in Japanese, the word is represented by the characters of morning and evening.
Two moments when your body & soul have different needs.
Asayu Japan has curated 100% Made in Japan products inspired in Japanese culture and Zen
to help you in those moments & create sense-mindful rituals.
So you can start taking better care of yourself. 



Asayu Japan



       ・that a calm & happy life is not a destination. It's a habit.
       ・that you'll connect with yourself & the world around you by paying attention to the moment.
       ・that daily self-care & self-awareness will bring peace to your life.
       ・that self-care is practiced through your 5 senses & comes in many forms.
       ・that high quality lifestyle & rituals reduce stress & create a meaningful life.
       ・that 100% Made in Japan products and Japanese Zen culture can be a good place to start!  


Asayu Japan incense self-care relaxationRelax After a Stressful Day

Modern life is busy. And sometimes, you just need to stop & reflect. In the morning, you need to prepare for all what is to come. In the evening, you just need to relax from a stressful day.

Daily rituals are a way to ground yourself in the present and remember your essence in the moment. When we search into our inner self, you can see who you truly are and what really matters to you. You can separate the noise from the person. And so, you can prepare your body and mind to move with the rhythms of busy daily life.

So indulge your senses in rituals and objects that invite a more considered life. Slow down. Pay attention to the small details. Think of what you really want. Use those experiences and objects and your senses to create space for deep connections with yourself and what is around you. You will find the calm and peace you were looking for. We promise.

Asayu Japan self-care relaxation

Use your Five Senses

Humans are born with five senses: taste, smell, sight, hearing, and touch. They are a vital part of our experience in the world and can help us to reconnect with it and yourself in many ways, as it happens in aromatherapy, massage or incense.

Think of this: when you burn incense in the morning or evening, the incense is taken out from a box with a high-quality feel (touch) and a small fire slowly burns and spreads in the incense (sight). Eventually, you can start noticing the incense scent (smell), listen to the morning and evening sounds (hearing) and meditate. In such a simple act, you use most of your senses in order to connect with the present self.

In Asayu we believe that self-care is practiced through your 5 senses & comes in many forms. And we want to help you to take time to stimulate them so you can relax and connect with your surroundings.

Asayu Japan self-care relaxationThe Meaning of Zen

Zen is a state of mind. Zen happens when your mind is no longer upset, when you feel relaxed and peaceful, when you have found your true self. For that, it is very important to calm your mind, clear your thoughts, and pursue your emotional well-being. Japan has used Zen seated meditation and mindfulness for many years to achieve this. And it has become an essential part of the Japanese culture.

But how can you include this ancient practice into your daily life? How can you get the benefits of Zen? Some people think it is only for Japanese people, that is for a very tough and hard thing to incorporate in your routines. But that could not be further from the truth.

Zen is where you are, Zen is what you do. Learn the basics and slowly introduce them into your live: it can be through meditation, through connection with your surroundings, through objects that help create a calm and mindful moment. There is always a new opportunity to incorporate Zen into your life and take care of yourself.